The Seeker's Lenormand Deck

The Seeker's Lenormand Deck


A. L. Swartz (Skullgarden, Atlanta)

The Seeker's Lenormand is an independently published divination deck. The full deck was completed in 2016. It's completion and initial printing was funded through the help of Kickstarter backers. This is the third and final installment in the trilogy of decks that contain The Wooden Tarot and The Earthbound Oracle.

”Much like the imagery used in The Wooden Tarot and Earthbound Oracle, I focused on simple objects and themes with multi-purpose symbolism and a slightly surreal and macabre twist. There are characters and symbolism that trail through all three decks; for example, the brown wood mouse who makes the Fool's Journey through the major arcana of The Wooden Tarot can be seen again as The Rider (which also features the snail from The Chariot) in The Seeker's Lenormand.”

☽ 36 card lenormand deck
☽ 2.5x3.5" standard playing card size, 300gsm playing card stock 
☽ Custom tuck box featuring the Heart card
☽ Open Edition*
☽ No Guidebook
☽ View all artwork here:

A Lenormand Deck is a specific type of oracle deck purported to have been designed by one of the most famous cartomancers of all time, Marie Anne Lenormand. The famous card reader was said to use a custom set of cards that were of her own design, and soon after her death this set of cards came to bear her name. 
*There is no companion booklet or guide for this deck. Any guidebook for a Lenormand deck should also be applicable to this deck. 

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