Jennifer Baker "The Star"

Jennifer Baker "The Star"
Jennifer Baker "The Star"

Jennifer Baker "The Star"


Jennifer Baker (Seattle)

The Star, 2017
gouache, graphite, ink on paper
10" x 7" (15" x 12" with wood frame)
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Jennifer Baker is a Natur Hexe and purveyor of die Unheimliche. Formally trained as an oil painter, she currently utilizes a deliberately feminine hand to manipulate cut paper, gouache, and graphite.
With a respectful nod to female Dadas and Surrealists, a pinch of Bavarian folklore, and a deep love for the surrounding Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Baker creates intricate compositions that layer themes of mythology, memory, and magic.
A fourth generation Pennsylvanian, Baker studied at Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia, PA) and the Aristides Atelier (Seattle, WA). Her work has appeared in The Free Witch Quarterly, Lessons in Classical Painting, Lessons in Classical Drawing, American Artist Drawing Magazine, The Huffington Post, Unicorn Mountain, Wolfman's Got Nards, Maximum Rock-n-Roll, and numerous underground zines. She currently resides in beautiful Cascadia with her partner and her python familiar.

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