Joie Higgins "The Machine"

Joie Higgins "The Machine"
Joie Higgins "The Machine"

Joie Higgins "The Machine"

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Joie Higgins (FL-SEA)

The Machine (From The Oddfellows Oracle Deck)
mixed media
8" x 10" in 13.5" x 16.5" black ornate frame with glass
*Full 42-card packaged Oracle Deck also available*

Joie Higgins is a Orlando, FL Artist now residing in Seattle as of June 2017.
"Art has always been at my heart and hand. A core made of storybook whimsy to romantic mythologies and magic mixed with vintage colors. Those colors lend to what is felt in the meaning of the story or the moral to the mythology. Art is part wonder and drafting fables in the dark. A mysterious place that captures the fleeting thought, a moment brought to light, the dull underlying life brought into focus through snapshots where we can still believe~

In brilliant full-color illustration, this new 42-card arcana is a gorgeous twist on traditional tarot decks. Blending Art Nouveau stylings with Steampunk and Industrial Gypsy motifs, this exquisite collection is perfect for the card reader who is grounded in tradition while keeping contemporary.

The vibrant images of the Oddfellows Oracle are the brainchild of Joie Higgins, best known for her works in ink and graphic marker. Her work can be found on exhibit in galleries in Florida, and in finer collections internationally.

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