Mariel Andrade "Los Enamorados"

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Mariel Andrade "Los Enamorados"


Mariel Andrade (Seattle)

Los Enamorados, 2017
oil and gold leaf on canvas (in white floating frame, no glass)
20" x 30"
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Mariel Andrade was born in Seattle to Brazilian & Chilean parents. 
Having spent much of her childhood in Brazil, she was enchanted by the lush & colorfully palettes of Brazils culture & land. She then began drawing & later taught herself to paint. 
She is passionate about music & will always blare something fun, obscure, or hypnotizing as she paints. Her work is inspired by romanticism, humor, people she admires & strangers in old photographs.
Fascinated by & capturing the emotion & personality of each individual, imagining what their story could have been; are the key components to her work. 
With her art, Mariel seeks to evoke a sense of nostalgia, a memory, one's laughter, or the enigma within the viewer. 

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