O "Grace"

O "Grace" digital print on metal
O "Grace" digital print on metal

O "Grace"

from 20.00

O (Ukraine - SEA)

8" x 12"
dye sublimation metal digital print; sheer aluminum gloss; floating wall mount
also available as an 8" x 10" print in protective sleeve

"Grace is where you dream of ruins healing,
A giant torch that lights up your cosmological importance. 
A great chimney over a vital altar and elaborate loss
Accompany the shadowed shapes cut into all the consoles.
A gift for the country of wind,
Grace screens your buzzing mind, covering every person with that heavy moment.
For the cost of your anger, come closer;
Call attention to the edges.
The path is ready to be reset."
(Excerpt from poem by Matthew Melnicki)

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