Sarah Gramelspacher "Beard of Bees"


Sarah Gramelspacher "Beard of Bees"

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Sarah Gramelspacher (New Orleans)

Beard of Bees, 2017
giclee print
framed to 5" x 7"
*7 card set of the Supplemental Arcana also available

Sarah is an illustrator, painter, prolific doodler, and sometimes writer working in traditional and digital mediums. She loves drawing frogs, pigs, and assorted woodland creatures; and has a penchant for both the absurdly cute and the slightly macabre.
Sarah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in painting from the University of New Orleans. She continues to live in the New Orleans area with her husband and their two Yorkshire Terriers. When she isn't drawing, you'll probably find her reading, knitting, or otherwise making things.
You can follow her on instagram or twitter to keep up with sketchbook posts and other miscellany.

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